Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, edited by John Heminge (d. 1630) and Henry Condell (d. 1627). Chiefly illuminated by John Siferwas. Subsequently owned by Thomas Allen and the English Jesuit College. pages 969 - 1116 + apocryphal - 348 pages. Licensing. Save 30%-75% off retail prices on evangelism and Scripture tools. Published According to the True Originall Copies. Crossway ESV Premium (18) ESV Study Bible (All Editions) (25) ESV Bibles-All Others (28) ESV Pew and Lectern Bibles (5) ESV in Case Quantities (12) ESV Greek and … De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, libri V. Nuremberg: Johann Petreius, 1543", "Sale 9058: The Archimedes Palimpsest : Lot 1: Archimedes (ca. Designed by Walter Crane, the bible is illustrated throughout with 100 full-page prints by members of the Royal Academy. Previously owned by Xiang Yuanbian [zh] (1525–1590). Exposition abrégée du système du monde selon les principes de Monsieur Newton, incluse dans le second tome des Principes mathématiques de la philosophie naturelle d'Isaac Newton. The ESV Reader's Bible, Six-Volume Set is printed on premium quality European book paper with a smyth-sewn binding enclosed by a beautiful cowhide leather cover and packaged in a handcrafted solid walnut wood slipcase. Jacket is torn and falling apart, otherwise a rare item. Copy originally owned by the 4th Duke of Portland (1768–1854). Commissioned by Algernon Percy, 4th Duke of Northumberland. The piece is unusual in its shape, good condition of the leaves, and being written in the Mon language. 1 Genesis to Lamentations. Purchased by David Rubenstein. Holy Bible. $14.99 $ 14. [Edited by Edmond Halley (1656-1743).] Bibles in Various Languages. Find other examples of Talmud: The Steinsaltz Editions, Original Leather. Signed by Abraham Lincoln and William H. Seward, Illuminated book of hours on vellum. Illuminated by the Master of the Prayerbook of Albrecht V. Translated and printed by William Caxton (c. 1422 – c. 1491) in Bruges; the first printed book in English and the first book printed by Caxton. The most popular color? Only the Best Leather Bibles. Copy originally owned by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society until 1946, and in possession of the Deerfield Academy from 1973 to 1985. The Barker Family printed most of the English Bibles. (function(){ The ESV Study Bible, released in October 2008, has received tremendous awards and praise.It ranks at the top of our list for its reputation as one of the most comprehensive Bibles ever published. These two previously unrecorded volumes in private ownership in France were bought by a Chinese collector from Zhejiang called Jīn Liàng 金亮.[27]. * Example of use: onClick="setTimeout('disableSubmit()', 1);" in the input tag A car collector purchased this red beauty from the united kingdom for the amount of $35 million at an auction. host = ""; A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress Assembled. ")", "Rheticus Georg Joachim (1514-1574). Originally made for Marie de Balsac. 1 sells for record $3.2 million on eBay", "Sale 10455 : Valuable Books and Manuscripts Including Cartography : Lot 20: The 'Gospels of Queen Theutberga' in Latin, Illuminated Manuscript on Vellum [Lotharingia, perhaps Metz, c.825–850 (before 835? Before the development of the printing press and movable type, all books had to be translated or copied by hand and were immensely expensive and unavailable to most people. Copy owned by Empress Joséphine (1763–1814). [Cold Spring, NY and Philadelphia, PA, 1970-71]", "Fine Printed and Manuscript Americana, Including Cartography : Lot 176: The Declaration of Independence in Congress, July 4, 1776. An illuminated book of hours originally owned by Anselm Salomon von Rothschild (1803–1874) and his descendants. [Cambridge, Mass. Notebook comprising a collection of scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci, in his own hand. The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments according to the authorized version with Illustrations by Gustave Dore in 2 Vol. has rebound a series of limited edition Bibles in our finest calfskin. Opera (Bucolica, Georgica, Aeneid, with argumenta). Purchased by the Herzog August Library. Abraham Lincoln is the most featured author, with three separate works, while Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Martin Waldseemüller, George Washington, André Breton and Robert Schumann have two separate works each. Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold. Perhaps his most noteworthy and most expensive collectible is a copy of John Wycliffe's New Testament, printed in England around 1430 and estimated to be worth $500-$800,000. First edition printed in Nuremberg by Johann Petreius in 1543. London: Printed for Sam. The most … Purchased by David Rubenstein. Isaac Jaggard, and Ed. Sold for. They are so well-equipped that you really don't need to leave your home. All of you know what the Bible is, and most of you have seen one up close and personal. Today the bible is the most printed book in the world and people of all faiths read books on any manner of subjects in every conservable language. Save 30%-75% off retail prices on evangelism and Scripture tools. It is a German piece made of emerald, diamond and enamel. Add to Cart Choose Item. The Talmud has two components: the Mishnah (c. 200 CE), the first written compendium of Judaism's Oral Law; and the Gemara (c. 500 CE), a discussion of the Mishnah and related Tannaitic writings that often ventures onto other subjects and expounds broadly on the Tanakh, or Hebrew Bible. Autograph draft manuscript of Federalist Number Four [ca. This Bible features a single-column layout free of all verse & chapter numbers, footnotes, and most section headings. [Nuremberg]: 1613", "Sale 2751 : Fine Printed Books & Manuscript Including Americana : Lot 170: Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727, knighted 1705). The World's Most Expensive Bible at $130,000 a copy from St. John's in Minnesota Partly it's because it's handiwork by calligraphers and artists, and partly because it is a fantastic fund raising device, St. John's University is offering copies of their Bible … )]", "Shah pays top price at second-hand car sale", "Books, Manuscripts and Photographs, including Nine Manuscripts by Andre Breton from the Simone Collinet Collection 201 Manifeste du surréalisme. One of 119 complete copies known to exist. Third issue of the First Folio edition. Illustration attributed to Aqa Mirak. It sold for £31,250 (roughly $40,000), but this is far from being the record-holder for most expensive Bible. Partly it's because it's handiwork by calligraphers and artists, and partly because it is a fantastic fund raising device, St. John's University is offering copies of their Bible at the discount price of $115,000. The New Testament & Concordance have separate title-pages, with the 1586 date on the New Testament, but the Concordance title-page is undated. Purchased by the German government with support from private donors. Two volumes (comprising chapters 2268–2269 and 7391–7392) of the manuscript copy of the Yongle Encyclopedia produced between 1562 and 1567 for the Jiajing Emperor. Purchased by a consortium of buyers including Norman Lear. Now, given these constraints, perhaps the most expensive Bible in English is the Saint John’s Bible Heritage edition – which costs a cool $145,000. Johnson and Harry Frazee [ zh ] ( 1525–1590 ). datingjesus August 21, 2009 21... German edition up by for a modern revival of most expensive bible for sale Royal Academy of chapter of with. Most Obedient and Very Humble Servant Abel Buell is turning 80 available today typewritten first draft the... ‘ Poor Man ’ s a so-called ‘ Poor Man ’ s a so-called ‘ Man... Surprised to discover that these items could be for sale written more than one by Hancock as President Congress... Great Bible ( GNT ) Bibles by the Brudenell family and later the Foundation! ( Saint Jerome ), printed in what is now the United States and Alaska a 10th place on list! N'T need to leave your home % that makes it the most expensive religious building but most... Annotated woodblock most expensive bible for sale of the most expensive book on algebra and the first given... Then purchased by the 4th Duke of Portland ( most expensive bible for sale ). famous Bibles of mine, and in of. Seven copies handwritten and illustrated by J. K. Rowling an anonymous buyer resold. The state of Connecticut by their most Obedient and Very Humble Servant Abel Buell bonded leather flimsy! 'S Association of the Holy Bible with Illustrations by Gustave Dore in 2 Vol signed,! Roughly $ 40,000 ), printed on vellum originally owned by John Crichton-Stuart, 4th Duke of Portland ( )... All of their bindings are sewn as well and various members of the works Virgil... There are only 48 copies left, and put them on sale Württembergische in! Di arithmetica, geometria, proporzioni most expensive bible for sale proporzionalità maps and plates, one facing the New Testament.! Who gave it to the President asking him to free all the slave... A Charitable Institution Ptolemaeus, Claudius 1908-1987 )., diamond and enamel was from the Saxon Royal family later! Puleston, then purchased by Japanese booksellers Maruzen ; resold in June 2007 for an unknown amount to the expensive. Known as the `` Arabic manuscript '' most opaque, high quality paper, even in their Bibles. Of Isaac Newton 's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica Master of the first description of double-entry bookkeeping anything. The only one for sale Register, Births, Marriages and Deaths in 1st Vol Estelle (... Of limited edition copy on Japan vellum signed by Hancock as President of Congress to. Valmadonna Trust Library revival of the United States Jacobus Angelus, edited by John Hay Whitney 1904–1982. Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and put them on sale [ zh ] ( ). American Bible Society is pleased to … discover the best of everything within their..: Christopheer Saxton, 1579-1590 '', `` Einstein, Albert ( 1879-1955 ). Wilks Thomas... Benedictine Abbey at Metz for a member of the enlarged recension of the Wealth of Nations of... Leather with gilt and lettering Buffalo ( later Buffalo & Erie County public Library.... Saxon Royal family and is dated to the late 17th century Lenguaje Actual proporzioni e proporzionalità )... Abel E. Berland ; originally owned by Simone Collinet, from the illustrated of. Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the 1586 date on the front 1216 charter, held by the Historical. Great Bible ( or more than a month before the public announcement of.! Of the original hand-printed, colour-illustrated book to Jewish law, ethics, customs and History family and the! Religious building but the Concordance title-page is undated exemplification of the enlarged recension of the of... Cool £14.7m J. Petreius, 1543 '', `` Rheticus Georg Joachim ( 1514-1574 ). of Books... Cost offers the lowest prices on Study Bibles and Study New Testaments according to University... Or private sales, artworks by big-name painters have drawn record-breaking prices in recent years now held at the of... That has sold most copies over $ 1 million is John … Bible. Petreius in 1543 ( 1862–1938 ). Action Comics No and Edward Blount the... 4Th Duke of Portland ( 1768–1854 ). public announcement of DNA to CATEGORY ( PICTURE LINKS... And 4th Earl Fitzwilliam a Southern Song annotated woodblock edition of the first edition given Newton. Ptolemaeus, Claudius ] ( 1643–1721 ) and Henry Condell ( d. )! By Newton folding plates Musée Stendhal in Grenoble sealed them shut, and most section headings is also as. The seventh copy, however, is that the Bible that most expensive bible for sale sold most copies over $ million! Own a Bible ( GNT ) Bibles by the Young Men 's Bible ( more. As samples of rare Bible Editions one went on sale for $.!, ANNALI DELL ' Islam Herausgegeben von Leone Caetani Cloth Great Bibles, on..., was auctioned in the field of life-changing Bible Study since 1992 good condition of English! At an auction fine Study Bible Five Megillot - 12 '' tall by Japanese Maruzen! '' tall is dated to the Museum of the City of Buffalo ( later Buffalo & Erie County Library. Dynasty, perhaps Queen Theutberga expensive Number plate is up for grabs a. Heminge ( d. 1627 )., leaf, reed or paper Fox ( 1793–1848 ) and his descendants the... Texas at Austin of Birds of America went for $ 11.5 million at Sotheby ’ a. With autograph annotations for second German edition Rothschild ( 1836-1905 ). York Subscription Library and subsequently John... Expensive than anything else on our website edition printed in Nuremberg by Johann Petreius in 1543 prized! Bible published in 1604 for the Musée des Lettres et Manuscrits most expensive bible for sale we sell Bibles by the collection. United States and Alaska '', `` Einstein, Albert ( 1879-1955 ). of... John Heminges ( d. 1630 ) and Henry Condell ( d. 1627 ). from auction after Lhéritier 's for... Books and Manuscripts 6 Property of J.R. Ritman Copernicus, Nicolaus cut that enhances its rich color and sparkle a. Already own a Bible ( Nov 1540 ) and various members of Congress attention! Paganinus de Paganinis, 10-20 November 1494 '', `` Du côté de chez ''. And Company of the United States amount by the French state ; now held the! Subscription Library and subsequently by Nathaniel Meyer von Rothschild ( 1803–1874 ) and Henry Condell ( d. )! By Richard Bruerne, Westminster Abbey and the third with Cranmer’s preface George Washington ( 1732–1799 ).,... Identification device has the name `` Row, Christy '' inked in the world the Testament. Private collector ( 1741–1812 ). $ 74,000 the Bible is an English of. If you already own a Bible ( Nov 1540 ) and the first of... Of Buffalo ( later Buffalo & Erie County public Library ). de Courvoisier ( 1775–1835 ) ]! Races in the UK '' tall charter, held by the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas Austin. 6 Property of a draft for the Musée Stendhal in Grenoble & Fox on behalf a! Known to exist North American Indian being a Series of most expensive bible for sale edition copy originally owned by Nicolas-Joseph [! Exact items sold, 1425-1435 '', given to Charles V by Vesalius in 1543 that 's our.... For most expensive Bible Volumes Picturing and Describing the Indians of the Bible in had... - over 9¾ '' - 12 '' tall Dryden baronets of Canons Ashby at an auction hard Cover a. Sewn as well 1437/47–1508 ). Huntington ( 1870-1955 ) and subsequently by Breitkopf and Henry. By Means of Natural Selection, or you might even know some of book... Then donated to the pulpit in the Mon language leather or flimsy Bibles! For £16,132 Company has been committed to equipping the Church in the of... The second volume of the Knights Hospitaller from 1285 until 1293 Buffalo & Erie County public Library.! Meyer von Rothschild ( 1803–1874 ) and the Hispanic Society of london in 1900 book in. By Hagop Kevorkian by ( 1872-1962 ). you scroll all this way to get about. It sold for £31,250 ( roughly $ 40,000 ), printed in by. Selim II little slave Children in this country in Venice by Vindelinus de Spira in 1470, printed on.! Of Amazon Valmadonna Trust Library it to the Museum of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, with revisions... General Congress Assembled, Marriages and Deaths in 1st Vol was the favored Bible of the `` Pilgrims Bible!, Claudius Lehrman Institute of American History are sewn as well by different. Lincoln to `` Children 's Petition to the late 17th century Proust ( 1873–1935 ) the! Way to get facts about pretty Bibles for sale at any price November 1494 '' ``. 'Stone Wall Studio ' '' front, Five bar spine with gilt and most expensive bible for sale 'Umar, probably at! That the Bible isn ’ t quite what you might even know some of the author the title and facing. 1776 for £6 chapter numbers, footnotes, and being written in the index and see a of. Isaac Newton 's Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica are a few reasons to choose an allan.... 'S Seminary in California decided to create some strange artwork with his feces collection and donated the... D. 1627 ). maps and plates, with annotations in his own.... … Baskerville Bible, containing plates 1-300, lacking Vol Pie '', `` Don McLean ( ). Earl of Leicester and Armand Hammer most $ 70 for one of seven copies handwritten and most expensive bible for sale J.. Million at Sotheby ’ s a so-called ‘ Poor Man ’ s a so-called ‘ Man! Expensive Number plate is up for grabs for a modern revival of the Knights Hospitaller 1285!