Lodgepole pine furniture offers options for every setting. average strength of 30 kg/cm2). Dead trees increase the incidence of wildfires, and may contribute to climate change as they decay. © 2020 naturally:wood and Forestry Innovation Investment. Lodgepole pine is the most common- ly used name for the inland varieties of the species, but it is also called black pine and tamarack pine. The byproduct of this bark beetle is a beautiful blue coloring (stain) in much of the dead-standing pine we harvest. Beetle-affected wood has been used in high-profile projects such as the Richmond Olympic Oval, a signature structure for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. The beetles carry a fungus that leaves a blue or grey stain but does not affect the wood’s structural performance capabilities. The more recent outbreak of another bark beetle pest, the spruce beetle, is threatening higher-elevation forests of Engelmann spruce. Our Alberta Lodgepole pine is sourced directly from the lumber industry providing only high-quality dry pine for indoor or outdoor burning. Lodgepole Products has done business in the West since 1975. Lodgepole pine tends to be a slower growing and more dense pine with one of the higher BTU rating of the pines. Average nail retention: 132/116/85 lb holding (tangential/radial/end-grain). Many of them also sell rustic cabin decor. Vaagen makes studs, and ships the wood waste off to a plant that makes ice cream cartons. Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. Lodgepole pine is used for telephone poles, fence posts and corral rails because of its small diameter and lack of taper. At Vaagen Brothers mill in Colville, Washington lodgepole pine is considered to be the second most valuable tree after western larch. Kiln drying inhibits natural staining of the wood, improves its strength and stiffness, enhances its appearance, and increases its resistance to decay and attack by insects. As a forest product lodgepole pine is used for dimensional lumber, veneer, and pulp. Our Alberta Lodgepole pine is sourced directly from the lumber industry providing only high-quality dry pine for indoor or outdoor burning. Pricing/Availability: Lodgepole Pine should be widely available as construction lumber for a modest price. Medium boring quality with both brad and single twist bits. It is cut to an average 16″ length, split and dry upon delivery. The mountain pine beetle is a naturally occurring insect in BC’s interior. It was a pleasure to work with you guys, first class lumber and nice customer service. This was a DIY Do It Yourself Pine Log Project. Lodgepole pine is a species which grows throughout the west, as far north as the Yukon and south to Baja California. It is also mixed with various species of spruce, pine, and fir and sold under the group abbreviation “SPF.” Four varieties of lodgepole pine have evolved to adapt to this wide range of ecological conditions. The wood is generally straight-grained with a fine, fairy even texture. People confuse dry wood with seasoned wood. were heartwood of Douglas-fir, western white pine, redwood,Eucalyptus sp., red and white oak, lodgepole pine, ponderosa pine, western red cedar and sapwood of redwood, white oak and red oak. Recommended: the use of a counter piece for end-grain shaping. They are often twisted in a spiral with sharp points. murrayana Common Name(s): Lodgepole pine, beach, western scrub, north coast scrub, sand, shore, or knotty pine, black pine Size at maturity - Height- size at 100 years: 70-110 feet - Girth- 1-2 feet in diameter - Crown Height- 25-55 ft. Lodgepole pine, the most abundant tree species in BC, is marketed with interior spruce and subalpine fir as the SPF (spruce-pine-fir) species group. Like all pines (member species of the genus Pinus), it is an evergreen conifer. Resin canals are normally present, inconspicuous without magnification on the transverse section, but evident as brownish streaks along the grain on faces of boards. No woods fell into the ‘nonresistant’ class (< 7 years expected average life). It is moderately soft and light, straight grained and nonporous, with a fine and uniform texture. Recommended: light and natural stains. AWL Western Wood. Common mortising defects: splintering on the out-going side of the mortise and crushed grain inside the mortise. Transition from earlywood to latewood is abrupt in narrow rings and more or less abrupt in fast-growing, wide-ringed wood. Our Alberta Lodgepole Pine is cut dead standing and naturally seasoned then tested with moisture meters to ensure optimal moisture level for burning. We have information on finding log furniture in Arizona from more than 10 different merchants. Timberridge.firewood@gmail.com. Englemann Spruce Lodgepole Pine (ESLP) Siding and Trim SWP is proud to offer various grades of Pine and Engelmann Spruce Lodgepole Pine. Lodgepole pine is a highly adaptable tree that grows throughout most of BC’s interior, from mid-elevation to subalpine sites. Family: Pinaceae Genus: Pinus Species: contorta Douglas ex Loudon Subsp.

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