The two seperate mattresses is a great design feature as it allows you to have a different firmness to your spouse (one side is firmer than the other) and it minimises disruption from their movement while sleeping. Bedspreads & Blankets. The majority of quilted fabrics use polyester wadding together with their fabric, and as such our 100% organic cotton wadding in comparison offers the real luxury experience. The Peacelily Mattress comes with a market leading 25-year warranty. Mattresses. Peacelily mattresses feature 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, made from sustainably harvested sources. The Peacelily Mattress appears to be durable and of high quality. By Size. Comfort Storage & Ottoman Beds Sofa Beds Upholstered Beds Velvet Beds Wooden Beds Metal Beds Custom MADE Beds. Made for soft comfort to drastically improve your pre-existing mattress. Take a walk through the moist soil of a shady woodland area, and it’s easy to spot gracefully textured fronds carpeting the ground. It's super comfortable and you barely can feel any movement on the mattress which is a plus since my husband likes to wake up way earlier than me! BTW, thanks to the tropical look and hardiness, ferns made our list of best tropical plants for zone 7. The latter is notable for the soft golden fibers found on stalks, which was used to stuff pillows and mattresses. It has a bit more pressure relief than the firm version, but spinal support is still excellent in all sleeping positions. The FERN Murphy Wall Bed is available in a Queen Size 65″ wide x 17″ deep closed or 86″ deep when open by 90″ high QUEEN SIZE accepts up to a 12″ thick mattress(not included)— mattress sits inside a wood box so the bedding is tucked in and stays on when closing the bed. Extra Firm Firm Luxury Plush Medium Plush Super Plush. We made a long list of ground cover ferns that not only grow well in the shade but fill the space with texture and color. On the Peacelily mattress with the optional mattress topper, you get superior soft comfort with an additional 5cm of soft latex thickness onto the top comfort layer (luxury plush), and the option to remove this at any required time. Super King Size Mattresses. King Single Peacelily Mattress: $999 (+ $369 for the Plush Topper) This video below shows our the Peacelily Mattress is made. Unfortunately we haven’t tested any of the Heveya latex mattresses so it’s difficult for us to comment on the price difference. Our natural mattress features 100% natural latex rubber, GOTS certified 100% organic cotton fabric and wadding, and adjustable firmness (medium or firm) when you flip the mattress. After many months of intense research and development, we were able to create a product that combined the highest performance, texture and aesthetic standards into one product. This fabulous outdoor futon cover has a tensile strength wrap of 235 and tensile strength filling of 140 and has been tested for 15,000 cycles of abrasion testing. The Peacelily Mattress is made from 100% latex which gives it a unique feel. Bedding Sets & Linen Bedspreads & Blankets Bed Cushions. This plant will complement any decor, whether in your home or at the office. Single Peacelily Mattress: $849 (+ $349 for the Plush Topper). Did you know? The Peacelily Mattress is made with eco-INSTITUT and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified, 100% natural Dunlop latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources; GOTS certified organic cotton fabric and organic cotton wadding. Peacelily is a 100% online company. Dunlop latex is naturally antimicrobial, cooler than memory foam, and also more durable than Talalay latex. It is free of industrial chemicals and synthetic foams, and is highly certified as non-toxic. WOULD YOU ALSO LIKE A FERN MATTRESS TOPPER FOR ONLY. We have engineered the Peacelily Mattress so that there are 2 carefully selected firmness levels on the mattress for you to choose from. We use 100% organic cotton wadding to quilt together with our organic cotton fabric in order to give a luxury quilted cover for best comfort and extended durability. No sinking memory foam and over heating.Â, No gas producing fossil-fuel foams, synthetics, chemical glues or toxins. The mattress includes hand-stitched tape edges (double stitched) to prevent tearing at the fabric corners and heavy-duty reinforced handles to ensure that the mobility of the mattress is much more manageable. Easy to set up. The EcoCloud is a latex hybrid mattress made by WinkBeds. rubber, certified organic cotton and two firmness The Peacelily Mattress (previously named the Fern Mattress) is made up of 100% natural latex, making it one of only a few mattress in a box products in Australia that doesn’t contain foam or springs. A professionally-arranged artificial fern plant is securely "potted" in a black stone-look garden urn. Our aim is to increase the sleep quality of all Australians through the use of sustainable products. Maximize the decor in any room by simply adding this high quality plaid. Bedding. See the short video, Preserving the Ruins of the Hawaiian Tree Fern Industry, for more information. The topper is a must if you prefer your mattress soft and has the proverbial ‘cloud-like’ feel. Instead, the fern (which isn't technically a fern either), is a leafy green decorative plant that has fern-like fronds. With all things considered, the Peacelily Mattress is a very nice mattress. Hello could you tell me why the Heveya pure latex mattress is so much dearer than the peacelily when they are both supposed to be all natural latex… $3000 difference!! Our aim was to make sure that our natural mattress provided the most luxurious comfort possible, by using the most perfect natural latex foam and comfiest organic fabric available. Our team rated it as a ‘medium’ feel and a 6 / 10 on the firmness scale: The plush version (which requires the purchase of the optional Peacelily Mattress Topper) feels beautifully comfortable and luxurious. Natural, eco-friendly mattress made from 100% certified natural latex and covered with organic cotton. Outdoor Futon Cover Fern. Fern Denim Plaid Fitted Mattres Cover offers warm and stylish look. Fern Earth. *To claim this price with free delivery, click SHOP NOW. King: 183 x 203 (60 kg), Standard Mattress: Gentle Medium (top side) or Firm (bottom side), Mattress with Mattress Topper: Luxury Plush, featuring a natural, handcrafted mattress topper. The Natural Bedding Company offers Natural & Environmentally Friendly Organic Mattresses in Australia. This mattress is available in 6 sizes (king, queen, double, king single, long single, and single size) and is also compatible with adjustable bed bases. If being as natural as possible is important to you, we reckon you’ll love the Peacelily mattress (previously Fern Earth). Our Dunlop latex is sourced from some of the world’s most eco-friendly and sustainable sources in Sri Lanka, and is eco-INSTITUT® certified (tested for hazardous materials and substances) by our latex manufacturer. Features 100% Natural Dunlop Latex, with a high-quality 5cm latex core for a Luxury Plush comfort feel (D65 Soft). MATTRESSES. These are the world’s leading independent emissions and material testing bodies, meaning our mattress meets some of the most rigorous natural standards. No blended or synthetic latex is used, there are no chemical fire retardants in any component of the latex cores, only 100% natural latex. Spinal Support In truth, memory foam is made to be warm; it is often used as insulation due to its heat-retaining abilities and uses your body heat to activate it’s compression capabilities. 100% Natural Dunlop latex, with a high-quality 5cm latex core for a luxury plush comfort feel. It has made a huge difference and really … There are no chemical adhesives used between any of the comfort layers. Our products use sustainable materials and contain no polyurethane foams, memory foams, chemical flame retardants, or harmful chemical adhesives. Build Quality We proudly source only the highest quality materials available and are confident you will feel this in your natural sleep experience. Ferns were the main land-plant of that era. The zipp off … Latex is typically very durable and we found the Peacelily Mattress (medium) very comfortable. The Peacelily Mattress comes with a 100 night trial period and a market leading 25-year warranty, a strong indication of Peacelily’s confidence in its quality and durability. Autumn Fern (Dryopteris erythrosora): Few ferns offer the seasonal color variation that autumn ferns do. All 3 premium mattress layers in the Peacelily mattress are kept together with this strong glue, making it one of the most natural mattresses in the world. The Silent Night Onyx Mattress is a sophisticated pocket spring mattress that uses quality comfort materials in the top section.